To visitor # 1,000,000

Today is the day of the one millionth visitor to this blog. We don’t know who you are, but we are very grateful to you and the 999,999 visitors before you. Our audience in many, many ways makes all the difference.

Even if you do not comment, wordpress happily tells us about which posts you clicked on, and which you didn’t, whoever you are.

By the way, Jender started the blog, so we need to give her a huge thanks too!

(It turns that even a cat gif can be as uncooperative as the real thing. The gif is animated. But does it move? No. Click on it, though, and you’ll see what a sweet, clean cat she is.)

17 thoughts on “To visitor # 1,000,000

  1. Jender

    Please accept a well earned and enthusiastic abrazo from us for starting this very important exchange of ideas and information.

    Your grandparental units would have been pleased.

  2. Thank you for your fabulous blogging! I love to stop by each weekend and catch the week’s work. It makes me think, seethe, smile, laugh, sigh, ponder – sometimes all at the same time!

    Great work all!

  3. Thanks so much! And thanks, JJ, for keeping track of these things and calling attention to them! Sorry to have been a bit absent this week– I don’t have to tell readers of this blog about work/life balance issues!

  4. jenderparents, your support, along with the sharp, witty comments and laments, have all amounted to such a good thing. So thanks to you too!

  5. Kris; indeed! Thanks!

    Vishal Lama, once we figure out the required packing and rates for virtual cookies, some may be winging their way to you!

  6. I have dozens of cookies, right here on my hard drive, that I’d be happy to forward to Vishal Lama. ;)

  7. Thanks so much, Jender, for creating this blog, and thank you to all the regular bloggers, and commentators, that make it so lively and readable. I admire everyone’s ability to provide insights into a variety of topics–and also to dig up aspects of western culture that are all too much in need of critique.

  8. It’s a wonderful blog! Thank you a thousand times in a thousand languages.

  9. I have the blogs I read in files A, B, and C. Your blog is the first one in the A file! My favorite and the best. Thanks so much.

  10. This is the only blog I read every day, besides my LJ friends list and the personal blog of an old friend. I love this place. Thank you!

  11. Thanks for keeping this up! I read a handful of blogs by feminist academics, but this is the only feminist *philosophy* blog I read regularly. At first I was a bit worried that this wouldn’t be a comfortable place to discuss feminist philosophy (a few commenters in the early days seemed just not to “get it”). But you stuck it out! I enjoy the variety of posts, and the interesting conversations that arise. So, thanks!

  12. jj and Iga,

    Thank you so much for showing such a generous spirit. *wipes a tear* Yes, I want those virtual cookies.


    Obviously, I was bluffing! :P

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