Recognition for Women of Steel

I’ve just been reading about the Women of Steel – women who worked in factories in the UK during Word War II:

it fell to the women of the city to keep the steel mills working and during the course of the conflict, thousands juggled family life with the demands of heavy industry …  But when peacetime came they were unceremoniously dumped from their jobs – their vital role on the home front largely forgotten.

Last week they received recognition for their work from the Ministry of Defence.

 A woman war worker adjusting the tracks on a tank

Dorothy Slingsby, (L) Richard Caborn MP, (2ndL) Kit Sollitt, (3rd L) British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, (C) Kathleen Roberts, (3rd R) Veterans Minister Kevin Jones (2nd R) and Ruby Gascoigne (R) pose for a photograph in 10 Downing Street