10 thoughts on “New Abortion Law Requires Women to Paint Nursery

  1. I love that the writers get the rhetoric so perfectly, e.g. that this is all about …. “giving women the information they need…” and is “…helping women…etc. etc.” Also, the “save a life, take a life” program is genius. This is one of the best commentaries on anti-abortion tactics I’ve come across in a while. And it almost makes me wonder if it mightn’t be possible to follow it up and lobby for the introduction in some statehouse of just such a law. To ensure it wouldn’t *actually” pass, one could fill it with clauses about what kind of colors and/or patterns were and were not acceptable for the nursery (no deep purple nurseries, no skull-patterned wall coverings), what sort of paints (no lead paint, of course; paint must be made in America), that only the woman was allowed to do the painting; that the nursery would have to be inspected (a special dept. would have to be set up); that women without nurseries would, under very specific circumstances, be allowed to paint someone else’s nursery and so on. If they can introduce laws mandating that doctors issue some spiel about ultrasounds, couldn’t we introduce the “Nursery Decoration Right to Know Onion” bill?

  2. Oh, that is *inspired*.

    Mind you, the Onion is often prophetic. Anyone recall their January 2001 article “Bush: ‘Our Long National Nightmare of Peace and Prosperity Is Finally Over'”? I’m willing to bet that some state legislators will find the video inspirational.

  3. The title of this post is really frightening until one follows the link. Frightening, because (almost?) believable.

  4. dear lord. i am so glad when i clicked on that link it turned out to be an onion story. it sounds like a perfect utah law.

  5. thanks so much for posting the transcript! video could be an interesting if provocative teaching tool….

  6. This is a clever satire. Not sure the reductio ad absurdum works well as an argument against those state laws requiring ultrasounds to be offered though.

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