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CREDO has a petition arguing the following:

The loss of Ted Kennedy’s seat — due to a lack of enthusiasm among Democrats and Independents — sends a clear message to Congress. The Senate health care bill is not the change we were promised in 2008, and it must be improved. The Senate must use ‘reconciliation’ to pass a better bill with a strong public option.

Personally, I think we should make the Republicans filibuster. But this is an effort worth supporting as well. If you think so too, go here and sign.

9 thoughts on “Health Care Petition

  1. Credo has an interesting take on the election. I’m not sure that if there had been less compromise over health care, the election would have been different.

    The fact is that the electorate seem to constitute a chaotic system, and the republican are very determined butterfies, seeking to send it into a state that favors them. In light of that, I’m far from certain these counterfactual appeals to principle have much credibility.

    Hmmm. Maybe you can tell I haven’t finished my first cup of coffee. O dear. Hope I’m vaguely making sense.

  2. I’m not convinced by their analysis either. But it seem well worth keeping the pressure on to get the Dems not to give up on health care reform, and this petition is a way to do that.

    Anecdotal: A colleague has a daughter in MA, who was saturated with ads saying roughly “We’ve already got universal health care. Why pay for the rest of the country to get it? Vote Brown.”

  3. Well that makes sense, in an “I’m alright Jack” sort of way.

    The first comment on the NY Times first article on why Brown won lauded him for coming from a working-class caucasian family. Apparently that means he’ll work for his own kind.

  4. Jender: Lovely attitude, that : “I’ve got mine, and I don’t give a crap about whether you get yours or not”. Typical of the Republicans, I fear….

  5. Unfortunately, too often Congress’ attitude is worse than “I’ve got mine”. It’s “I want yours.”

  6. I’m not sure this petition will help. It seems to be asking for the Senate to come back with a better bill… but the more likely outcome of starting over seems to me to be collapse, like when they almost passed reform in the 70s but held out for a better bill and got nothing. :-(

  7. Carl – I think they have gotten closer to passing a health care reform bill than the last time – but, as they say: “close only counts in horseshoes”……

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