What Not to Do

Bakka sends us links to discussions of this misguided effort in the legal profession, which she describes well:

there is one panel called, “What’s Our Problem?” where female lawyers get to discuss problems that are framed as “ours” rather than problems of the profession. Then there was a second panel, “Their Point of View: Tips From the Other Side,” where distinguished gentlemen will help women figure out how to correct “our” problems.

There has apparently been quite a bit of criticism.

One thought on “What Not to Do

  1. Seems the folks developing this panel could be die hard Kantians… “A woman is embarrassed little that she does not possess certain high insights; that she is timid, and not fit for serious employment . . . . She is beautiful and captivates, and that is enough.” — Observations on the Feeling of the Beautiful and Sublime

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