Oral History of Feminist Philosophy

Joan Callahan and Nancy Tuana have done something fantastic for feminist philosophy: interviewed many of its founders and made DVDs of the interviews.

The first five of these two-hour versions of interviews with pioneering scholars in feminist philosophy are now available on DVD through Penn State, here
http://www.psu.edu/dept/rockethics/education/femphil/ .

Interviews now available are of

Sandra Bartky,
Susan Bordo,
Sandra Harding,
Nel Noddings, and
Sara Ruddick.

And there are more to come. Urge your library to purchase this series– all funds raised go to sustain the project.

One thought on “Oral History of Feminist Philosophy

  1. I have to admit to being the sort of person who would rather read than watch this sort of thing, but it still looks interesting. For those interested in the general sort of thing let me strongly recommend Claudia Card’s “Dewey Lecture” in the APA proceedings from last year. It was really wonderful- interesting and inspiring.

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