Poor medical treatment is unhealthy

… and a study has now shown that this is a key reason for some of the health problems faced by those* who are “overweight”. The article discusses a huge range or problems, including:
-Attribution bias, in which doctors assume that the weight is responsible for other problems and thus misdiagnose.
-Doctors refusing to perform procedures which are more difficult due to the weight.
-Lack of equipment properly sized to deal with heavier patients.
-Shaming tactics, like a woman with a torn ligament, whose surgeon refused to operate until she “stopped eating fast food” (which she didn’t actually even eat).

*Sometimes the article is couched in general terms, other times it focuses on women.

5 thoughts on “Poor medical treatment is unhealthy

  1. I am a fan of this blog so with all respect, pelase include citations or links when referring to studies, etc.

  2. Whoops, that was a total oversight! It’s amazing how easy it is to forget to put the link in. I also tend to forget to attach things on emails.

  3. Yes, it is extremely easy to forget to put in the links!

    I counted five links prominently displayed in the article about losing weight through dieting. So I think the info is otherwise important, but someone hasn’t quite got the message that it is necessarily one’s faults or controllable failures that cause the heavier weight.

    I know a number of women who get a little lecture from the doctor about weight when they have a check up, as though they themselves are not aware that their weight is above ideal. These are not obese women (if that matters), but still that imperfection apparently is bad enough that doctors will call attention to it even when they have nothing helpful to say about it.

  4. When discussing my low back pains with my doctor, the first response was: lose weight. I was darn happy when my x-rays showed that arthritis was in fact to blame. (not that I am happy with arthritis but you get my gist…)

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