Apple’s Ipad: What’s in a name?

How about  a golden opportunity for some new jokes, such as:

“so will the 64 GB one be called the maxi-pad?”

Fast Company also tells us:

Apple’s ipad not the first choice for women.  Period.

And, unbelievable though it is, the name was  anticipated in this video from 2007:


So how did Apple’s branding end up so last year?  Here’s one explanation from Fast Company:

Seconds after the name was announced social networks lit up with not-so-fresh one-liners from both men and women (a CNBC anchor mentioned her very candid thoughts on-air). About an hour after the announcement #iTampon was a trending topic on Twitter.

But it was the females in the crowd who read more into Apple’s menstrual pun. They seemed to think Apple’s name was indicative of a male-helmed team oblivious to the fact that they were pushing an insensitively-named product. “Surely no women were involved in naming it the iPad” was a widely-reTweeted sentiment. Another: “iPad: Proof not enough women work in the Apple Naming Department.”

Many thanks to PJ, jj-son.

10 thoughts on “Apple’s Ipad: What’s in a name?

  1. In a couple months though, it will be like the Wee… Err, I mean Wii… and no one will think about the name.

    On the other side of the coin, if “Amazon” weren’t already a huge e-retailer, it would be a good name for a feminist blog.

  2. Reporters typically miss tone when reporting things like this. I think that most of the people retweeting about women involved in the naming are making a joke rather expressing a genuine sentiment. And we do have phrases like “legal pad” which have no menstrual connotations at all.

  3. I liked “iSlate” myself; but I take it that “iPad” is attractive because of the similarity to “iPod.”

  4. Carl: The sad thing is that there IS a women’s bookstore named amazon… Well, was… They changed their name to True Colors – it’s not clear from their announcement why but I suspect the big bookstore had something to do with that…

    I don’t know if this is an English as a second language thing but I totally missed the iPad connection to a monthly flow… So, I have to wonder with P.D. if we’re making more of this than there really is. Maybe the name came out of their legal department – you know, all those lawyers writing on legal pads…

  5. Rachel, I think that these jokes only work for American English speakers. I’m British and though I understand these jokes, they don’t spring to my mind immediately because we use ‘towel’ instead of ‘pad’. In that way it seems to be an American fixation.

    I thought the people at Apple used pad because it’s like a note-pad (not like a note-book?).

    Silly me for being so ignorant.

  6. JT,
    Thanks for posting that article. I don’t understand why the tech companies aren’t promoting women to the top level positions. In my opinion promoting women into the top level decision-making positions would only improve those companies.

  7. […] inane name that was for a new product.  The #iTampon thread started on Twitter within minutes, and Feminist Philosophers (yes, truly, they do exist, cool women at that) has a neat piece of video to follow up.  We await […]

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