Small Breasts Banned in Porn

to protect the kids. Really. Because apparently women with small breasts look like kids, and so porn depicting them encourages paedophilia. So Australia has banned A-cups in porn. As well as female ejaculation. And no, that’s not about protecting the kids. That’s because it’s “abhorrent”.

I just don’t know where to begin. But it is fascinating to see how an anti-paedophilia campaign turns into a stigmatization of small breasts. (I’m also wondering if they insist on women with body hair. Because body hair’s actually something kids don’t have but normal women do. Bet they’re not insisting on hairy women in the porn flicks.)

Thanks, Mr Jender!

UPDATE: BW informs us there’s reason to doubt this one. Go here for more.

Philosophy Cuts at King’s London

The story, is I understand it, is this. King’s College London is making redundant several staff members (including full professors) in the Philosophy Department, one of the top in the country. They are making Professor Shalom Lappin and Dr Wilfried Meyer-Viol redundant, claiming this is part of the elimination of computational linguistics. (There is no computational linguistics department, and Lappin and Meyer-Viol are full members of the philosophy department.) They are also forcing Professor Charles Travis to retire, in violation of his contract, which allows him to work past retirement age. Rumour has it they will also be forcing all members of the department to re-apply for their posts.

I urge you to join the facebook group Stop Philosophy Cuts at King’s College London. You might also consider emailing some of the following:

For more, see here.