It’s not just the buildings

that King’s is spending money on while firing staff.

“A need has been identified to invest in a number of areas of strategic investment and growth through six new appointments for 2010-11 at a cost of £320,000” in such areas as “Culture and Identity” and “Digital and Visual Cultures.”

So it’s not just about valuing buildings more than academic integrity/people/contracts/philosophy. It’s also about bureaucrats, not academics, determining what topics are worthy of pursuit by the academics. Just when I think I can’t be more disgusted by their plans…. For more, so the “restructuring” plan. (Via Leiter.)

2 thoughts on “It’s not just the buildings

  1. “Digital and visual cultures”!?! I guess they’re giving up on supporting building the foundations for the theories such courses use, and are just going to disseminate the results.

    It so reminds me of Thatcher’s idea that the UK didn’t need to do basic science; that could be left to other countries.

    Thanks to Thatcher, presumably, the number of UK nobel prizes has dropped markedly. Not that excellence or anything like that matters.

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