3 thoughts on “The Sunday cat celebrates the many forms of auto-

  1. I so wish to pick up that brush and brush that cat, you know. It would be such a joyful experience!

    My cats are ambivalent about brushing: they purr and growl at the same moment. They are unsafe to be around at those times.

  2. Hippocampa, I deeply suspect that with out cats there is a right approach. I have yet to find it. This morning I watched Tarry scatch himself; because of the sunlight we could see chunks of fur flying out. I might just try to clip his nails; that would teach him. Something.

  3. “Teach” and “cats” in that order in the same line. Tricky, jj, very very tricky.

    Also, trying to clip the nails of my cats teaches me more than the cats. Things like keeping bandaids handy and don’t try without the mobile phone in reach in case you get a arterial bleed and stuff. And the usefulness of glasses. And such.

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