Query from a reader

MV writes:

Next Fall I’ll be teaching an interdisciplinary humanities honors seminar on 20th Century Intellectual History, which is effectively a broadly humanities-focused course that could be called “Important Works published between 1900-1999 the Professor Wanted to Read this Semester.” The presumption is that we read a book a week, and ideally something that looks impressive sitting on the bookshelf in a Great Works sort of way.

I’ll be teaching 4 or so units on different subject matters, and I’m thinking about doing a unit on feminism. There is obviously an embarrassment of riches of great 20th century feminist texts, whether philosophical, literary, journalistic, or historical. What I’m looking for, though, is some intelligent dissent. I’m hoping you can help me with that because not much is coming to mind. Ideally, the writing would be some Impressive Book, but it need not be. If the best stuff is a series of disconnected articles or other media, that’s fine. The important thing for my purposes is to get the best critical work on the table, regardless of whether it is popular, academic, philosophical, literary, or other.

Thoughts about what I should take a look at?