9 thoughts on “When Philosophers Get Discussed on Late-Night TV

  1. Thanks, this cracked me up. Hooray for Kierkegaard fans. And even if it was hyperbolic and ironic, it made me feel like my field mattered. Which is a nice feeling to wake up to.

  2. Oh, oh, oh… I *love* the fact that you’ve rebroadcasted the fact that Jonathan Dancy purchased leather pants. :D

  3. Not that there’s anything wrong with leather pants (though personally I think they’d be pretty sweaty). Just that they are importantly different from leather trousers.

  4. Well, I had never heard of ‘Moral Particularism’ before, but the Standard Encyclopedia of Philosophy has an article on that topic written by Jonathan Dancy himself! Here is the link: Moral Particularism. There is something called the holism of reasons which seems to be the basis of the entire theory. And, I have a feeling the holism is “derived”, at least in part, from Quinean holism as applied to scientific theories.

    I enjoyed the clip. Refreshing, indeed!

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