Gender differences, intuitions, and your comments in the news

The Boston Globe has now reported on the study by Buckwalter which showed a difference between men’s and women’s philosophical intuitions, which prompted him to suggest (in the Globe’s words) that:

Perhaps one reason for the dearth of professional female philosophers is that, from freshman seminars on, their intuitions are dismissed as flatly wrong by men. They are told that they just don’t “get it.”

Buckwalter sent us a link to his blog, wanting to know what we thought, and some of you went off and commented on it. Those comments made the news story too.

5 thoughts on “Gender differences, intuitions, and your comments in the news

  1. I just left a comment at exactly the same time that somebody else was commenting on another post. If it helps, I think that might be why “Spam Gremlin” eats these things–too many bloggers to process at the same time. This is the seventh or so time that this has happened to me, and it’s always when 2 or more people are blogging at once, or so it seems.

    Then again, I had a serious AHA! moment when I read the X-Phi article. I was a teensy bit crass. Let me know if I was rude, and I’ll revise my comments. Thanks.

  2. In fact the link is to a post of his on Experiment Philosophy, not his blog.

    I could certainly feel not that happy with the discussion on Buckwalter at X-Phi. It was one of those situations where one makes some relevant comments and the discussion goes on as if one had never spoken. Of course, it is easy for this to happen on blogs, but since I also found it incredibly difficult to join the blog – despite being a director of a center in cognitive science – I’m primed for disappointment. (I requested to join twice and got no response; then I next heard they said there were no women in the area.)

    It would be interesting to look to see if any women’s comments was noticed – other than Jennifer Nagel’s that is, and her comments do have some great references, even if a central claim of hers is highly contestable. As I claimed.

  3. Dr. AJ, that’s terrible! The whole experiment was all about proving that female intuitions are dismissed in philosophy, and then the people that designed it(?) presented the findings to the blogsphere turned around and dismissed you too! I’m glad I didn’t try to blog on that site.

    Actually, what happened with my comments disappearing was a problem with this site (feminist philosophers) with the spamtrap. They have a warning posted about it. The trouble is, when I really get going about a juicy issue like this one, my language gets a little juicy too. So I’m always posting these silly blogs that say “hey, Jender? JJ? Monkey? I’m not a troll…I like you guys, really… wha’dya do with my comments?”

    I had my AHA! moment when I read about women’s reactions to the Gettier challenge to JTB theory. I thought I was going to give myself a freaking aneurysm over that! I had a prof last year that was constantly talking down to me over his own rigid androcentric interpretations of his lectures. I despise that sort of behaviour in somebody that’s getting paid to teach, more so because of the number of first to third grade recesses I spent as a research “guinea pig” over my anomalous (high) IQ. Like ghetto kids aren’t allowed to score well on tests, so they have to find some other way to make them miserable. Then to add injury to insult, the system found all these ways of keeping me out of higher education until I was in my early 30’s. Now that I’ve finally been accepted to a world class university, I run into a d**k like this philosophy prof that talks to me like I’m incapable of tying my shoes, and my only recourse is to put my own GPA in the toilet to protect my eligibility to apply to a more inclusive university. Sux to be me.

  4. Jender, don’t worry about posting my lost (spammed) blog from yesterday, shortly before noon. It does violate this site’s policies because I’ve quoted “Mr. Alpha” accurately enough that his colleagues may recognize him, and he would likely recognize his own words. Thanks.

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