How Loathly** can you get?

 ** Thanks to this site for the synonym for  “disgusting;” “repellent,” “revolting”  and “yucky” would also do.  “Skanky” was first choice, but the first comment pointed out the added dimensions it would bring.

Pinata Revenge

“Attendees at a conservative conference in town this week will have the opportunity to whack a pinata of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).  Conservative Political Action Conference “CPAC” begins Thursday here in D.C. There will be a

conservative-themed party Friday evening not sponsored by CPAC, where guests will have the opportunity to whack a Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) pinata.

Three famous D.C. residents will be taking a turn as guest “whackers” at the pinata during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, which starts on Thursday. The guest “whackers” will be at the party, to be held at a private home in Georgetown.”

In fact, only women will whack Pelosi.  The men can punch a Harry Reid punch bag.  Who the chosen three are is still going to be a surprise!

3 thoughts on “How Loathly** can you get?

  1. I’m not certain if I’m missing something, or if perhaps this just stems from the difference between British English and American English, but in the US skanky means slutty or whorish (and in light of that, is used as a synonym for disgusting). I believe it originally meant just an unattractive woman. Anyway- it’s a loaded word…

  2. Kathryn, thanks so much. I’m not sure I wouldn’t like the added implications – appropriating the term and applying it in this situation. It would suggest a problematic class status for what they are doing, thus adding to the questions about their taste. But I’d want to think a lot more, so I’ve taken a less problematic term.

    I wonder if the title had been “One way to be a bitch” would be objectionable. Hmmmm.

  3. I’m into the idea of a sort of double critique in using the term like that… So long as we’re appropriating the term as feminists and not upholding sexist language.

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