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  1. lol, this is the B-52 cupcake… I wonder if they have toxic gas cupcakes too.

    Ok, I stopped wondering :P

  2. I went to the site to find out more about them. I hate to admit it, but they do sound kinda good! Better than white/yellow cake with icky-sweet pink frosting any day! Could do without the cammo, though….unless I planned to hide them and eat them in secret … hhmmm….maybe not a bad idea after all….

  3. Here’s the deal though- I’m a girl. I don’t like pink. I don’t love cake or frosting if it’s super sweet. But the idea that pastel colored frosting, or certain types of cake are just “too girly” for men is a reinforcement of male superiority. Particularly when it wouldn’t be strange for a woman to like one of these “manly” cupcakes. When “girly” is only good enough for girls and “manly” is good enough for everyone, that’s gender inequality. So, as much as I might dislike pink/pastel/etc., I associate the disparging of it with disparaging of my sex, for no other reason than the fact that socially, when we think of pink, we think “girly.”

  4. Kathryn’s post says all I could possibly say about why I just don’t like the Butch company – regardless of whether I like the look and sound of these cupcakes.

    It’s not the idea of having non-pink and non-sprinkles cupcakes that is bad. I love my occasional chocolate-peppermint cupcakes with green frosting.

  5. kathryn and t, i’m fairly sure i speak for everyone who’s commented (correct me if i’m wrong, anyone) when i say: worry not. we’re enjoying them ironically. they are ridiculous and stupid–but so over-the-top ridiculous and stupid as to be comical. the western world is so blinking gendered that men have to make excuses about liking cakes baked in individual portions. it just goes to show how completely mad this gendered product thing is.

  6. I also kinda think the Butch people may be mocking gender roles themselves. I could be wrong. But I like to imagine they’re actually a bunch of very femmy guys having a good laugh.

  7. Kathryn: Not serious – not even pseudo-serious…sorry if I confused you
    Jender: …or maybe a bunch of women making fun of the whole macho culture/gender stereotyping folk out there

  8. J- no need to apologize, I’m the one who misread.
    Jender- I would like to think that as well, but that article on their press page seemed to be treating this as a serious attempt to “man up” cupcakes… granted, it was written in a funny way, so maybe that wasn’t serious itself.

  9. The comments at The Village Voice article about them reckon it’s unlikely to be targeting straight men.
    “This must be gay. Plaid? Woodland camo? Come on…”
    “love the cupcakes, too, though I seriously doubt a place called “butch” is aimed at straight men.”

    The Village Voice appears to have bought the story about the owner. I expect they checked.

  10. Hell:
    I don’t give a darn who is making or baking the cupcakes. The only thing that bothers me is I can’t get to the bakery on a daily basis to try a cupcake a day.
    Keep baking…….

    Cups & Cakes

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