More on rape and responsibility

At the risk of providing only more ire-stoking fodder, I’ll pass on the link to this further discussion of rape and responsibility, on the BBC world service’s ‘World Have Your Say’ programme.
There’s discussion of the show here at Pandagon (Amanda Marcotte was a participant in the discussion). I haven’t listened all the way to the end yet, but I haven’t been quite so enraged by this show as by MM.

(Thanks jender for the link!)

2 thoughts on “More on rape and responsibility

  1. The discussion on Pandagon is wonderful; it’s a relief not to be in that twilight zone where women are continually tricking men into illegal behavior.

  2. Opps – let me be clear: by the “twilight zone” I meant the science fiction zone too many people try to create when the topic of rape come up.

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