My self located mainly male speakers

In light of our Gendered Conference Campaign, I came across this conference on Self-Locating Beliefs, where all eight speakers are male.

The aim of this two-leg conference is to bring together researchers working on the de se on the two sides of the Atlantic; speakers will include both faculty and graduate students. The conference is wide-ranging in scope: talks will touch on issues in philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, metaphysics and epistemology.

The first part of this event was held and MIT and there they did have women speakers.

It doesn’t strike me as an overly male-dominated field, but I might be wrong. Shall I send them the E-mail?

Update: one of the speakers is a woman. I guess I will let them off the hook then.

4 thoughts on “My self located mainly male speakers

  1. I think it’s worth writing the letter, though perhaps modifying it a tiny bit. The point about “only 4” was made regarding my post on the deontology conference. I think we should say that even when in small numbers and only geographically the other half of the conference, it is unfortunate to have the exclusion of women re-enacted. To do so reinforces the exclusion, discourages younger women when philosophy could certain be helped by catching up with the efforts being made in the hard sciences, etc.

  2. I certainly agree that there’s also a problem with nearly-all-male conferences. But I’m not sure that it’s tactically a good idea to tackle them as part of the same campaign. I’d kind of like to keep the clarity of having a campaign objecting specifically to *all-male* conferences– we’re having enough trouble getting that idea across.

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