The Sunday Cat discovers a philosophical problem

We note that the judge awarding the top prize to Sadie, a Scottish terrior, at the Westminster show this week said that she (Sadie) thinks highly of herself. Without wanting to be churlish, the Sunday Cat is surprised that Sadie can think highly of herself. After all, it is not clear that Sadie can think about herself. Or can she?

The jolly cnn video about Sadie has to be watched on youtube.

For people who can’t get the cnn video in their country (see comment #1), here is a much lower quality copy of it.

3 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat discovers a philosophical problem

  1. “This video contains content from Turner CNN, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds. ”
    Wow, sounds stern. Wonder what we did to deserve that!

  2. Hippocampa, I’m sure it’s not your fault. ;) I’ve put up a copy of the program; it looks as though it was filmed from a TV.

  3. Thanks for that, jj!
    hmm, I would like to narrow the question to whether Sadie can think at all?
    There is a nice Dutch poem by my favourite Dutch comedian Harry Jekkers (I will translate!):

    Weet je wat ik laatst zat te denken?
    Laatst zat ik te denken: zouden dieren kunnen denken
    en, zo ja, wat denken dieren dan?
    Zouden dieren denken dat wij denken
    dat zo’n dier niet denken kan
    als dat zo is kunnen ze denken,
    want anders denkt zo’n dier dat niet
    maar vraagt u mij “kunnen ze denken?”
    dan denk ik vaak
    “ik dacht het niet”

    You know what I was thinking?
    I was thinking, would animals be able to think?
    En if so, what is it they are thinking of?
    Would such an animal think that we think
    that they can’t actually think?
    If that would be the case, then they can think,
    otherwise they wouldn’t think that.
    But if you’d ask me: “Can animals think?”
    then what I think is:
    “I thought not”.

    Ok it’s funnier in Dutch. But still!

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