Blue Collar Men and Childcare

We noted a while ago the statement by historian of marriage Stephanie Coontz that 20%  of working class men do more housework/childcare than their wives.  So we should be prepared for this anecdote from the NY Times “Metropolitan Diary”:

It was a damp and cold morning on the Hudson as the ferry made its way to Lower Manhattan. As the large brawny deckhand, clad in a hefty blue anorak, a knit cap hugging his head, closed the sliding exit door, he continued a very intense discussion with his co-worker, a fellow of similar build and dress. Both were right out of central casting as Exhibit A for life on the docks.

Eavesdropping, I was hoping to be treated to a colorful story about a dramatic recovery, or some other novel talk of the sea. The beginnings of their conversation were promising.

Big burly sailor No. 1, authoritatively: “It’s a struggle, but you will know when they are ready. Just wait.”

Big burly sailor No. 2: “But that’s the question: How do you know when they are ready?”

I strained to listen closely over the noise of the engines.

Big burly sailor No. 1: “You lift them up and put them on the potty and tell them that’s where big girls go.”

Big burly sailor No. 2, incredulously: “And after that, no more diapers? It’s that easy?”

Knowingly, big burly sailor No. 1 took the time to share his strategy and to explain that it was not that easy.

Sailors discussing potty-training techniques — who would have guessed?

Special Issue of Phil Papers on Rape

This may be old news to some, but I just noticed this special issue of Philosophical Papers, on Rape and its Meaning/s.

And it’s free to access at the moment.

Philosophical Papers, Volume 38 Issue 3 2009

Rape and its Meaning/s

Introduction: Meaning/s of Rape in War and Peace
Louise du Toit

Exploiting the Dignity of the Vulnerable Body: Rape as a Weapon of War
Debra Bergoffen

A New Epistemology of Rape?
Lorraine Code

Rape and Silence in J.M. Coetzee’s Disgrace
Graham St. John Stott

In Defense of Self-Defense
Ann J. Cahill

A Heinous Act
Don Berkich