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Earthquake, Tsunamis February 28, 2010

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More horrible natural disasters, in Chile and likely more to come from the tsunamis. We know some of our readers are in Chile, and we’re thinking of you. (If you’re able, let us know how you’re doing.) One place you can go to make a donation is the Red Cross website. (Thanks, JJ.)


4 Responses to “Earthquake, Tsunamis”

  1. amos Says:

    Thanks. I’m okay. However, I don’t have internet service at home and I’m using a public computer, so I don’t have much time. Things are much much worse than they appeared to be at first, many more dead, much more damage, many more people without water or electricity.
    This was a big, big earthquake.

  2. Jender Says:

    So glad to hear you’re alright, Amos. If you know of someplace you think would be better to donate to, do let us know.

  3. jj Says:

    Wonderful to heard from you, Amos, but such sad, awful news.

    Thanks, jender, for the post.

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