Muslim Cancer Support Centre

Reader RM is one of the organisers of what sounds like a really important initiative:

Muslim Cancer Support for Women!

In Kingston University – London, a group of young Muslim women activists have started a Project called ‘Muslim Cancer Support’ hoping to change the sad reality of Muslim women within their community, unheard, unrepresented, and catered for!

Cancer organisations and chaplaincies within hospitals at large are not perceived as welcoming or ‘helpful’ by Muslim women. They often ‘shy’ away from these support sessions because they don’t feel as though it caters for their needs – both spiritual and in terms of ‘privacy’. Add this ingredient to a culture of silence when it comes to talking about Cancer.

Recently a Muslim woman emailed one of the Volunteers about her struggles in life for determining her own life choices while battling with breast cancer – she beyond a doubt illustrated the need for supporting women battling with cancer, and in particular women from ethnic minorities.

Muslim cancer support aims to help change the lives of Muslim women by providing them with information packs, counselling, inspirational spiritual literature and regular hospitals visits.

Volunteers are welcomed, regardless of faith, gender, and race:
Help this little project be effective just by supporting it, twittering it, or even emailing it to your mates.

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