One thought on “Yes, we should be talking about nurses.

  1. I wonder why we haven’t. The percentage of male nurses is put variously at 5 to 10%, which is apparently close to the percentage of male school teachers (see the blog about teachers two above this one). I’ve got the sense that we haven’t addressed school teachers’ needs much either, though we’re pretty sensitive to educational issues, perhaps as teachers ourselves.

    Perhaps part of it is that we tend to look more carefully at professions that have some of the same problems for women as university teaching does. E.g., the glass ceiling. There may be something in the relations between nurses and doctors that is comparable to the glass ceiling, but structurally it’s going to be quite different, I suppose.

    My sense is that we also tend to look at problems for workers who are possibly not well placed to speak for themselves.

    I’m not trying to excuse anything here, but rather just trying to understand how what might be a selective focus got in effect selected.

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