LGBT rights removed from Canada’s Citizenship Guide

When Canada’s latest Citizenship and Immigration Guide was created, it originally had a section on LGBT rights. But Conservative Immigration Minister Jason Kenney ordered those sections removed. CBC says “Internal documents show an early draft of the guide contained sections noting that homosexuality was decriminalized in 1969; that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms forbids discrimination based on sexual orientation; and that same-sex marriage was legalized nationally in 2005. But Kenney, who fought same-sex marriage when it was debated in Parliament, ordered those key sections removed when his office sent its comments to the department last June. Senior department officials duly cut out the material — but made a last-ditch plea with Kenney in early August to have it reinstated.” According to the facebook group “Put Gay (LGBT) Rights Back In Canada’s Citizenship Guide!”: “This issue spans across political parties; it is about the equal treatment of all Canadians. It is the job of the Immigration Minister to teach new canadians what the laws and culture ARE, not what they wish they were. Kenney is training the next generation of Canadians to hate by removing this information. Let’s stand up and make sure that the government knows we want all Canadians to be part of our diverse community!”

Another facebook group called “All I Want For International Women’s Day is Jason Kenney’s Resignation” has 780 members.