That’s how to celebrate

A West Lothian great grandmother has celebrated her 90th birthday by white-water rafting after claiming a quiet lunch with friends would be “too tame”.

Apparently her doctor vetoed parachute jumping, due to her two replacement knees.

For more, see here. (Thanks, Jender-Parents!)

4 thoughts on “That’s how to celebrate

  1. Way to go!!!! When I hit her age I hope I will be in good enough shape to celebrate properly, too! (but hopefully with all my original parts)

  2. My mother has a lot of regrets about all the things she missed out on. (She’s sort of part of the “feminine mystique” generation, and although she earned a couple of degrees while in her fifties, she feels she has not been able to do all that she wanted to do.) Just before she turned 80 she started imagining herself bungee-jumping. That seemed to me not such a good idea, since she had a hip replacement about 15 years ago. I proposed white-water rafting. She loved it! She was probably 4 times the age of most of the participants, but she did her share of paddling and loved going over the rapids. Now the question is, What to do for her 85th? I suggested hot-air ballooning, but she thinks that would be too boring.
    Any suggestions? She’s very active, does aquafit classes four times a week, and took up tai chi last fall.

  3. Introvertica, how about flying lessons? Trip to the bottom of the grand canyon on mule back?
    I’m often at the beach, and see people occasionally fly y\up and down on which look like trikes with a back propellar and a giant kite over them. They don’t go all that high (4-5 stories) and seem relative easy to control. I’d love to take one over some marshland…I think.

  4. Thanks, JJ! The Grand Canyon is unfortunately way too far away.

    But I’ve seen those flying things you describe, and I’ve wondered about suggesting them to my mother. I need to find out whether they are safe for someone with an artificial hip ….

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