The Sunday cat recommends rescue cats

though some can become quite a handful – or more.

From youtube:

Isabella Jaguar from Panther Ridge Conservation Center. For More info on this baby Jaguar and her feline friends, visit

Isabella is a baby jaguar being hand reared by the volunteers at Panther Ridge Conservation Center because her mother rejected her at birth.There are many reasons one may raise a non domestic cat in their home. As long as all health, dietary, environmental and social needs are met AND all Federal State and local regs are followed, there is NOTHING WRONG WITH IT :) For more info on responsible ownership of non domestic felines, go to

US Maternal Mortality

has doubled in the last 20 years. And the rate for African American women is more than three times that for white women.

Amnesty International issued a report Friday that calls on President Obama to take action.
“This country’s extraordinary record of medical advancement makes its haphazard approach to maternal care all the more scandalous and disgraceful,” said Larry Cox, executive director of Amnesty International USA.
“Good maternal care should not be considered a luxury available only to those who can access the best hospitals and the best doctors. Women should not die in the richest country on earth from preventable complications and emergencies,” Cox said in a news release.

Indeed. (Thanks, Jender-Parents!)

Leiter on sexual predators

Reader LP calls our attention to a recent post from Leiter on choosing which grad school offer to accept. He rightly suggests talking to current students about the sorts of things nobody puts up on their website– like absentee faculty, nasty faculty, and sexual predators.

The Sexual Predator Faculty: Are women treated as young philosophers and aspiring professionals, or do faculty regularly view them as a potential source for dates and sexual liasons? It’s a bit shocking to realize that this is still a live issue in some departments, but, sadly, it is. Are faculty-student sexual relations common in the department? What happens when the relations end? Are there repeated cases of sexual harassment complaints against faculty in the department? Do they ever result in discipline? I suppose it is possible this could be an issue for male students, but all the reports I’ve gotten over the years have been from women victimized by male faculty.

It’s excellent for Leiter to be calling attention to this issue.