BBC Documentary Series: Women

I’ve finally managed to watch the first episode of the BBC’s excellent programme, Women. Episode One is Libbers, and it’s devoted to 2nd Wave Feminism– great archival footage and wonderful interviews done for the programme with such people as Susan Brownmiller and Kate Millett. (Actually, there were some moments in the interviews that just clunked, like when the interviewer started asking about clitoral orgasms when people clearly didn’t want to discuss them– but such moments were rare.)

Next up: Mothers. I haven’t seen it yet, though it aired last night.

5 thoughts on “BBC Documentary Series: Women

  1. The BBC is darned anal about this stuff :(
    We’ll have to drag them into the 21st century somehow, without them losing their 20th century craftsmanship. (I like the BBC, generally, when they are not being xenophobic about broadcasting overseas and all that)

  2. Gerard, Thanks. I do hope I can get this one to work. The last one I tried was impossible.

    I was amazed at your website. I hope others here go see it. And I hope the Cowley Rd tatoo is permanent; I want to go see it next time I’m in Oxford. I used to own a house in St. Clement’s, and the area is very familiar and in need of visual subversion, in my humble opinion.

  3. Thanks JJ – the Cowley road tattoo is a proposal, but would love it to happen one day !! I’m using focus vpn here in Jamaica so it certainly works !

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