A Blog of Her Own Video

Some of my favourite feminist academic bloggers are now the subjects of of video called “Blog of Her Own: Scholarly Women on the Web.”

Hear from the women behind the popular blogs Bitch Ph.D., Tenured Radical, Easternblot.net, and Expression Patterns. The speakers discuss the interplay between their blogging and scholarship, attitudes towards blogging among their colleagues, how blogging should be valued in the academy, and blogging as a feminist act. The panelists: Bitch Ph.D. author Tedra Osell is a writer, former English professor, mother, and sometime public intellectual; Claire Potter blogs as Tenured Radical and is a professor of history and American Studies at Wesleyan University; Eva Amsen blogs at Easternblot.net and Expression Patterns and recently completed her Ph.D. in biochemistry at the University of Toronto. Columbia University English and Comparative Literature professor Jenny Davidson moderates.

The video is here.