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More on Yarl’s Wood March 20, 2010

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I posted earlier here and here on the situation at Yarl’s Wood, where several women detainees had been on hunger strike in protest at the injustices refugees suffer under the UK immigration system. The women have suspended their hunger strike whilst the authorities investigate their complaints. The following related incidents have been recently reported:

Ms V has been released on bail. Ms V won her case a few months ago, obtaining leave to remain. However, the Home Office decided to appeal the decision, and detained her in Yarl’s Wood until the date of the appeal. During this time, Ms V has been separated from her children. She has now been released.

Two of the women on hunger strike have attempted suicide by drinking bleach and slitting their wrists.

Another hunger striker was refused healthcare, and then verbally abused by a guard, who spat in her face and called her a f***ing dog.

The police interrogated two of the hunger strikers who were identified as supposed ringleaders.

I will continue to post information about the situation as it becomes available.


2 Responses to “More on Yarl’s Wood”

  1. Terra Says:

    That is really appalling. I’ve never heard of a woman who would die violently by her own hand to escape torture referred to as a “ringleader” before.

  2. […] April 30, 2010 Filed under: domestic violence,immigration — Monkey @ 7:45 am I posted earlier about the hunger strike at Yarls Wood immigration prison. I have just received the […]

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