Healthcare and abstinence

The latest version of the Health Care Bill reinstates funding – $50 million – to Abstinence-before-marriage programmes. This has no doubt been included to try and get the bill past the House and Senate. But that’s a lot of money to spend on programmes that have been shown to be ineffective in preventing STDs and unwanted pregnancies. You can read more here.

8 thoughts on “Healthcare and abstinence

  1. Terrible news! These programmes are filled with dangerous falsehoods, like the claim that condoms don’t work.

  2. elp, there is a vote today; I’ve tried to find out when, but can’t, so I’m supposing it isn’t fixed yet.

  3. The final vote is scheduled to be held between 6 and 10 pm. (ET).

    I read the original reconciliation bill when it first came out. I know some things have been added since then, but I didn’t remember seeing anything about this. I’m going to try and find more information. I would note that the link also saying there will 75 million given for comprehensive safe sex programs.

  4. No problem extendedlp. I’m one of those people who have become a bit obsessive on the topic of health care reform.

    So, probably last update of information. The bill would fund Title V for five years, at the tune of 50 million per a year. That is a 75% decrease to what abstinence only funding was getting under the Bush years (that is because Title V only accounted for 25%).
    I don’t know why it was included in the senate bill, or why it wasn’t scrubbed out in reconciliation. But with needing to get 60 senators on board, I am sure it was one of the many deals made. My guess is that it wasn’t scrubbed because it seemed like it would create more controversy over something that is not yet a done deal. But I have no real clue.

    This is where we stand on the health care bill passing this second. I think it is interesting that so much of this is going to depend on questions of abortion.

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