6 thoughts on “Kotex ad parodies Kotex ads

  1. When I was an undergrad I knew a woman who was a history MA student who wrote her thesis on the history of maxi-pads. It was really very interesting. They got their start as pre-packaged bandages in WWI, where they were appropriated by nurses. The company that made the bandages (I forget which one) found out and saw that this was a huge potential market, but didn’t want to be associated with the product, so spun off Kotex (I think- or another very early producer) so that the parent company wouldn’t have to be associated with the product. (Reading Slavenka Drakulic and others on how such products were always in extreme short supply in Yugoslavia and the former Eastern block makes me think that market economies are not always a bad thing, either.)

  2. These are excellent, I think. But amazing that they weren’t allowed to use the word ‘vagina’. Or even ‘down there’.

  3. You know what’s ironic about these ads is that they’re talking about people being uncomfortable with tampons, but a tv commercial that’s part of this marketing campaign had to be changed because it used the word vagina, and networks were uncomfortable with that.

  4. Oops! I didn’t read jenders comment before I posted mine. Sorry for the repeat info!

  5. I am so excited that I can finally buy pads in packaging that are aesthetically pleasing to me. This has been a giant pet peeve of mine for so long.

    And I am completely rethinking Kotex as a company after reading this and looking at their website and seeing how much they are pushing for talking about vaginal health and connecting with charities for girls and women.

    This is how you create brand loyalty.

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