4 thoughts on “Cold weatherwear for naturists

  1. I noticed that. It reminded me that when I was that age I remember, (i) having a real thing about knitted items – my mom made me lots of knitted toys; and (ii) being curious about my dad’s penis, which I once saw when he got out of the bath, and which I thought looked like a mushroom (which I told him). I can imagine being intrigued by a knitted penis. (That was probably way more information than anyone wanted.)

  2. hm, i have friends who call themselves ‘nudists’ and belong to ‘nudist clubs’, and living in canada, I was just thinking about how great it would be to send them this as a winter gift, so that at least they could perform nude. Then I got to thinking that this may not necessarily showcase the traditional/naturalistic ideals of women, because it could well be seen as mere performance, as performing the narrative through playing those associated roles, which instead, showcases their absurdity. The woman wearing her ‘nude suit’ was probably laughing at how ridiculous her costume was in its embodiment of the ideal (ball-like boobs!).

  3. I don’t think it’s really intended for nudists. It’s part of an art exhibition.

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