A Ticket For Rush

Rush Limbaugh has famously said that if health care reform passes he’ll move to Costa Rica. And now there’s a way for you to help that dream come true, thanks to the good folks at A Ticket For Rush. Here’s their plan:

1. We’re accepting 1 dollar PayPal donations to buy Rush a one-way ticket to Costa Rica. We are currently accepting donations.

2. At the end of the donation period*, we will attempt to personally contact Rush, and offer to buy him a first-class plane ticket from Palm Beach International Airport to San Jose International Airport, Costa Rica.

3. If Rush does get cold feet**, and refuses to move to Costa Rica, we will instead donate all of the money to the Planned Parenthood Action Center.

4. Additionally, if we make more money than the cost of a ticket, or if we don’t make enough money for a ticket, everything will still go to Planned Parenthood.

10 thoughts on “A Ticket For Rush

  1. If only we could get him on that plane – and make sure he has no way to contact the media down there – no satellite phone, no internet, no anything!

  2. Given Rush’s regard for the truth, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s declaring that it hasn’t passed. Quite how he could do that is undetermined, but he might say the vote wasn’t legitimate in some way. Or he might say that it wouldn’t really count until the attempts to repeal it are seen through.

  3. But is is fair to inflict Rush Limbaugh on the poor Costa Ricans?
    Oh, and ehm, doesn’t Costa Rica have state health care?

  4. Hippocampa – yes, I believe it does! Perhaps he could be dropped down into dense jungle where he won’t be able to spew his bile on anyone?

  5. Another thought – If Costa Rica’s state health care also applies to those from another country, would he stand on his principles and refuse it, insisting instead on paying out of pocket for any care he might need? hmm…..

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