The Pacific APA and USF

As most of you know, the APA has been asked by the relevant hotel workers union to boycott the hotel where the meetings has been scheduled.  The decision was made to not try to move  the conference, but the University of San Francisco, with striking generosity, has offer  to organize and host sessions on their campus for people who want to move out of the hotel.

Here is the alternative schedule, along with other very useful information.

The SWIP sessions will be over there, along with other good ones!

4 thoughts on “The Pacific APA and USF

  1. The following post from here makes the case for boycotting our meeting; it also, in comments, remarks on the downside of doing so for our more vulnerable colleagues and students.

  2. Actually, the alternative APA site is at a different university— The University of San Francisco (2130 Fulton Street).

    Unfortunately, there are three universities in San Francisco that have ‘University’ and ‘San Francisco’ in the name, so this confusion happens with some frequency. But given that USF (where the alt. APA site is) and SFSU are at some remove from one another, I’d hate for people to end up in the wrong place . . .

  3. I understand the symbolic gesture and will be seriously uncomfortable crossing the picket line but my session is at the hotel.

    I’m staying at a union recommended hotel (1 block away, about half the price and nicer) and intend to avoid spending any money at the convention hotel. In fact I’m thinking of flushing large wages of toilet paper at every possible opportunity.

    I think it’s important to recognize and promote a fallback position for those for whom boycotting the hotel isn’t feasible: use the facilities but don’t give them any business.

    We had the same thing last time the APA was in SF with the same hotel and I’m frankly mighty pissed off. I moved my membership to Pacific to have a vote. I hope that at some point soon the membership is sufficiently irritated by the inconvenience of sessions at different locations to make some noise far enough in advance of the next APA Pacific scheduled for northern California so that it either isn’t in SF or isn’t at a hotel under union censure.

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