6 thoughts on “The Sunday cat sees that babies are nearly as cute as kittens

  1. O no! I feel so sad. I had a whole story about why that cut kitty wasn’t using its claws, but I think I just missed the obvious reason. Should we take it down?

  2. Actually, I’m inclined to remove it and say that we do not want to feature cats so altered.

    I hope my little feline boys won’t gang up on me about other alterations. At least theirs benefit them.

  3. I would not assume that the kitten is declawed. Cats are naturally very gentle with babies, etc and will keep their claws hidden. They seem to know that they are babies and should be treated gently without claws. Even if the little one hurts them, they may just slap with a soft paw and get out of reach. And when they come in to pat adults on the face to wake them up, they use a soft paw.

  4. thanks, j. that’s what I had assumed, and in fact someone on youtube pointed about that declawing doesn’t take the back claws. We don’t see any sign of them either.

    When my son was very small, he would sometimes pick our cat up by the neck – we would run to the bottom of the garden after him. The cat, though not in a good situation, never raised a paw, still less a claw.

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