Rapelay: It’s Back

Longtime readers may recall that there was a Japanese video game called “Rapelay”, which allowed the player to have the fun of simulating rape and forced abortion. After a campaign against it, the game was pulled from Amazon and also from sellers in many parts of the world. But now it’s back— virally, on the internet. Internet distribution poses new challenges for fighting misogyny, clearly. (Thanks, Sam.)

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  1. I’m a little suspicious about the truthfulness of these game reviews, but I could possibly accept that these gamers are geeks who don’t have the cohones to do that stuff in real life. Given my experience with online d*cks, trolls, etc. they do seem like a spineless group who don’t even know how to type out a response to a woman who threatens them with a hammer. (Namely me–every abuser’s worst nightmare).

    However, I am deeply concerned about the 1% creep factor–the internet pedophiles stalking our children and youth. Recent arrests have shown that 80% of internet pedophiles have annual incomes of over 50k and half make over 80k. The study I read did not give any professional profiles, but use your imagination as to what those men do for a living and how they may be under our proverbial noses.

    Also, being an older and poorer GenXer, I’ve had the luxury of being able to watch the changes to the way that the youngest of my generation and GenY communicate. Some would say that their “social skills are impaired”, or it may just be that their proxemics have been altered by the new Gadgetocracy (send us some links if any of you know of a good source). Though studies pertaining to images of violence invoking urges to do violence are still highly controversial, child rape is too horrible an act to advertise to anyone, let alone people whose “social skills [may be] impaired”.

    I think the game crosses a line. If the females portrayed were of an age or a size to fight back, I might be able to dismiss it as one more annoying gadget that I don’t have to look at. But the victim in the game is small, young and helpless, just the way nasty d*ckless perverts like. Because the images encourage pedophilia, I agree that they were right to ban the game.

    I’m not well versed in internet law, but the game comes close to being kiddie porn. People who download it should face tougher penalties than the (non-existent?) ones that are obviously in place right now.

  2. @Xena

    They do fight back. In the game itself, there is an event trigger ( I forgot if it is random or if it is scripted) where one of the women will either stab the rapist to death in mid-intercourse or push the rapist down into the path of a speeding subway train during travel.

    And, to be honest, I don’t believe stiff penalties on developers or consumers would stop this. These games don’t require large development teams or massive logistics for distribution. Basically, any individual with enough basic knowledge in graphics design and some computer programming can produce an equivalent game. And also, let’s not forget that rape is depicted not only in games, but in film, animation, books, and comics. Not all of it comes from Japan either. To me, the reflexive response to call for banning or control is futile. If real child pornography and human trafficking are not always reported or stopped in real life, what chance does the fictional virtual equivalent have? Just because CNN isn’t reporting on these real crimes, doesn’t mean they don’t exist or are not important. Personally, I believe the focus should be placed on real crimes, because there are real victims.

  3. Anon, they are nailing kiddie porn collectors. Where do you think I got the stats on income levels? There have been a few big crackdowns in recent years. Remember the crew that used blog names like ‘god’ and ‘son of [can’t remember if it was god or jesus]’–it was f*cking pretentious anyway. They nailed over a hundred people in that raid.

    I didn’t single out the Japanese, either. If I remember correctly, the highest numbers of arrests in the big kiddie porn crackdown were in the US and Germany.

    And threatening people with fines for selling merchandise that’s only had a lukewarm response from the public does work. I can’t see Patrick Stewart or even Ozzy Osbourne doing the narration for these games any time soon.

    Policing human trafficking organizations is a different type of endeavour with different procedures required to go after a different group of exploiters, and that discussion would be better left to a different post. I was talking about a bit of income redistribution as a penalty, not castration for crying out loud. It IS only a picture of a rape, but it’s a picture of a CHILD rape geared to a group (gamers) whose critical thinking skills I happen to question.

  4. Anon, I just checked the original post from Feb 2009. The girl only kills the rapist if he allows her to carry her pregnancy to term and does not force her to have an abortion. NASTY! I’m pro-choice. Emphasis on the word CHOICE. What a VILE game!

  5. “And threatening people with fines for selling merchandise that’s only had a lukewarm response from the public does work. I can’t see Patrick Stewart or even Ozzy Osbourne doing the narration for these games any time soon.”

    I’m struggling to figure out what you meant by this. What is the point of the “even” in “even Ozzy Osbourne”? I am just confused.

  6. The “even” in “even Ozzy Osbourne ” means that he’s always had a reputation as a badass who got drunk and urinated on national monuments and bit the heads off rodents (I think some of that old news was urban legend). I doubt that “even” he or his Queen of Spin wife would align themselves with the manufacturers of a game that rewards gamers with points for molesting children. Some publicity IS bad publicity.

    I happen to be a huge Sabbath fan, btw.

    How old are you, anyway, anon grad student?

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