Coverage of forthcoming election

The UK elections are scheduled for May 6th. Anne Perkins notes that the world of political journalism is characterised by the kinds of structural demands that make jobs inaccessible to many women (long working hours) as well as outright hostility to women doing political analysis and interviews.

No surprise then, that

last week, the Press Gazette reported the results of a survey in which no women featured among the top 10 political journalists, with only three in the whole top 50.

She notes that:

Political journalism, more even than other specialisms, still demands total 14-hour-a-day commitment. So stand by for an election campaign which will be, as usual, narrated by (white, middle-aged) men.

Something to keep tabs on as the analysis fills the newspages over the next few weeks. Do get in touch if there are stories relevant to us here that you’d like us to mention (there’ll be too much for any one of us to keep track of!)

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  1. Great issue, stoat, and the link to thefawcett soc has got a lot of good stuff. Wish I were voting there!

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