The Sunday Cat’s heart goes out to opossum mothers.

Even if they are adoptive mothers:

There’s some discussion on youtube about whether this cat is happy in its role.  Cats will adopt an amazing range of creatures, so I suppose we should consider whether they really want to.  I mean, there’s this particularly self-sacrificing species, the domestic cat, that gets taken advantage … wait!  The domestic cat is not known for selless altruism.  Hmmmmm. 


6 thoughts on “The Sunday Cat’s heart goes out to opossum mothers.

  1. And I bet you never shared that with them, J. :)

    I remember (and probably have recounted here before) when jj-son came home from Reed wondering why just about all his classmates were the single children of academic couples. “O, fiddle di dee,” I said, “there are the strangest coincidences.”

  2. Well said, both J and JJ.

    I only have two, yet when they were quite small there were many days when I felt I was running an unpaid childcare center ….

  3. jj:

    I don’t get it, why are they single children of academic couples? My only guess is that since ‘single’ is emphasized it might have to do with liberal arts colleges being really expensive, but I somehow don’t think that’s what you meant.

  4. I assume the parents definitely did not want to repeat the experience, perhaps with a very few exceptions, who would have if they could have.

    I think we were the first generation of women to asssume we could have an academic career if we wanted. You know, like men. We were almost entirely without an older generation who had figured things out, and it was hard.

    To give you an idea: I was teaching in an Oxford College and the Warden’s wife told a gathered assembly that I should not be teaching, since teaching is incompatible with being a mother. This was in front of me.

    I saw other women dropped cold. One friend of mine was said to have gone crazy. It was hard.

  5. So it’s about academic couples stopping at one child? And, secondarily, about Reed having a lot of children of academic couples?

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