It can be done!

This post might be taken as a follow-on to Jender’s post on the gendered conference campaign, though the success in this case should be attributed to the good sense of an organizer, Dan Wieskopf.

102nd Meeting of the Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology
April 15-17, 2010
Westin Peachtree Plaza
Atlanta, GA
Philosophy Invited Program

Invited Speakers:
Alfonso Caramazza (Daniel and Amy Starch Professor of Psychology,
Department of Psychology, Harvard University)
Concepts, Actions and Objects: Insights from Cognitive Neuroscience

Peter Carruthers (Philosophy, Maryland)
Primate Metacognition: Its Nature and Extent

Robert McCauley (William Rand Kenan Jr. University Professor and
Director, Center for Mind, Brain, and Culture, Emory University)
Taking a Cognitive Point of View: Religions as Rube Goldberg Devices

Invited Symposium on Language and Thought:
José Luis Bermudez (Philosophy, Washington University)
Elisabeth Camp (Philosophy, Penn)
Michael Rescorla (Philosophy, UC Santa Barbara)

Invited Symposium on The Self:
Barry Dainton (Philosophy, Liverpool)
Jenann Ismael (Philosophy, Arizona and Sydney)
Robert Howell (Philosophy, SMU)

Invited Symposium on Mental Representation:
Kathleen Akins (Philosophy, Simon Fraser)
Larry Barsalou (Psychology, Emory)
William Ramsey (Philosophy, UNLV)

More information, including the psychology part, at:

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  1. I do find the fact that all three invited speakers are men puzzling, but Dan tells me that an invited woman pulled out at the last minute.

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