Britney Spears asks for non-airbrushed images to be released

BRITNEY Spears aks for pre-airbrushed ad images be released alongside her altered versions to help highlight body image issues.

The Daily Mail said the singer made the extraordinary move “in order to highlight the pressure exerted on women to look perfect”.

Good for her! (Thanks, CR!)

7 thoughts on “Britney Spears asks for non-airbrushed images to be released

  1. In another popular tabloid they congratulate Britney for her courage to show the real “chubby” Britney that faces the “fat facts”, including her “worrisome” cellulitis.

    Shocking how the (some) media manages to turn prima facie good news into bad after all.

  2. Do look at the differences in the knees: Sometime recently – I suspect in some sort of dressing room – I suddenly noticed that my knees were full of all sorts of not very attractive indents and folds. Now I’m looking at the Spears noticing that they looked like the undoctored knees. The effects may indeed be even worse that valuing thinness; there’s a lot of the animality of the body that’s erased also, and what’s remaining looks plastic.

  3. I think it’s worth noting that, while some may assert that her dances aren’t that technically demanding, and while I haven’t myself seen her dance in concert, Britney Spears /is/ a dancer and has even taught classes at Millennium Dance Complex in LA. I don’t find it appropriate to speculate about her health besides, but this air-brushing bespeaks the fact that even images of dancers and athletes, with such strength and expressive control of their bodies and whom many consider to embody the peak of physicality, are made to comport to potentially less healthy, more artificial, socially lauded (in Hollywood-inspired media, at least) ideals.

  4. “Worrisome” cellulitis? I’m fairly sure cellulitis is not a condition anyone has ever died from.

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