8 thoughts on “Election 2010: on abortion

  1. Thanks for this. I was suprised to see that none of my local candidates have issued a response on this important matter.

  2. Hi FR. Mine neither. Maybe they’re all out on the campaign trail and haven’t got to their emails yet. I’d be pretty miffed if they all thought they could just ignore the requests for information…

  3. I’ve now had email responses from two candidates. It’s good to see them taking notice. Also, they were good responses :-)

  4. ‘Abortion Rights’ ask people to forward on any information that they recieve from candidates. I did this, but so far the site has not been updated. Now, I’m worried that maybe many more candidates have made statements than is being reported on that site.

  5. Hi FR, thanks for updating us on what’s going on over at AR. Great news that you’ve had news from two candidates. No reports from my constituency still…

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