Why do we believe feminists burned bras?

A plausible answer:

It saves us the trouble of listening to them. A woman demanding equal pay for equal work is making a point you have to address. A woman burning a bra and claiming it’s a torture device is just a silly sideshow you can safely dismiss after a few minutes of vigorous masturbation.

Thanks, Mr Jender!

3 thoughts on “Why do we believe feminists burned bras?

  1. I think that it boils down to the fact that the media wanted the women at the 1968 miss america protest (this is where the myth came from as this is where feminists supposedly first burned bras) to look ridiculous so that no one took them seriously. We can thank the wonderful conservative media for yet another wrong stereotype of feminists

  2. I was in HS when bra-burning was first being talked about. What I remember most is that before then I had NEVER heard anybody use the word bra in “public.” To the sensibilities of that time, the phrase was shockingly rude and disrespectful. In evoking images of women whipping off their bras and tossing them onto bonfires, the popular media managed to both trivialize feminist protesters and sexualize them — the latter presumably against the women’s will: extra misogyny points!

  3. The article linked is very interesting, but also very problematic in the use of ableist language of “insanity” where “myth” would do and would be more accurate.

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