8 thoughts on “Equity in Philosophy of Language

  1. omigod, a male philosopher organized it!?!

    Actually, it looks great. I envy those who can go.

  2. I don’t know whether Graham made a deliberate effort to have women philosophers. But I do know that I gave him a choice of a mainstream paper or a feminist one, and he chose the feminist one.

  3. Male philosophers have done this sort of thing before. See, for example the Metaphysics conference linked to in the post.

  4. I let Graham know about this post. His response: “That’s nice! Although the praise does seem to me a bit undeserved – it’s the sort of thing one should be criticized for failing to do, rather than praised for doing.”

  5. Thanks, Jenny, for relaying the comment. I disagree that it’s undeserved. When few people get the obvious, those that do are displaying something worthwhile.

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