CFP: Diotima

Diotima: A Graduate Conference for Feminist Philosophers
Feminism, Technology and the World: Ecological Perspectives
University of Western Ontario
September 25-26, 2010

This conference aims to bring together graduate students who share an interest in feminism, post-coloniality, queer theory, critical race theory, philosophy of disability and anti-oppression theory in general, regardless of their primary area of research.
Keynote Speaker: We are pleased to announce Lorraine Code, Distinguished Research Professor Emerita at York University and recipient of the Distinguished Woman Philosopher Award (2009), as our keynote speaker. Prof. Code’s work explores “ecological thinking as a conceptual apparatus and regulative principle for a theory of knowledge – an epistemology – capable of addressing feminist, multicultural, and other postcolonial issues.”

We are also pleased to announce Gillian Barker as our faculty keynote speaker. Prof. Barker specializes in philosophy of science and of biology. She is interested in ecological conceptions of organism-environment interaction and their implications for our thinking about agency, normativity and knowledge, and in ecological psychology as a tool for transformative learning and action.
We invite submissions in any area of philosophy or feminist theory, that have been influenced by your feminist commitments broadly construed, including but not limited to:

• Feminist analysis of information sharing systems and new technologies;
• Social consequences of genetic or biomedical research and treatment;
• Explorations of a human/non-human divide, or personhood generally;
• A discussion of a recent work or emerging political concern;
• Developing interactions between theorists from different cultures;
• Wilderness, the built environment, poverty and politics;
• Environmental disaster and response;
• Intergenerational justice

Presenters will have 30-35 minutes to speak, followed by a 10-minute commentary and a 25-30 minute discussion period. Papers should be approximately 4000 words. Please include an abstract with your submission of no more then 200 words.

Please send your submissions electronically to All papers will be evaluated by blind review; identifying information should appear in a cover letter only.

2 thoughts on “CFP: Diotima

  1. This one’s not far from my area. I just emailed my old anthro prof about it. Last I heard, she was doing grad work and teaching undergrad courses for a new degree program offered at the college I attended. If her work doesn’t fit the criteria listed, odds are good that she’ll know a few people who may be interested in submitting papers.

    You’re probably way ahead of me on this one, but it never hurts to try to prevent a missed opportunity for somebody. Does the team on What Sorts know about this?

  2. *GASP!* There’s that elephant in my pyjamas again! I meant: prof under whose tutelage I formerly studied, whose specialties were in the fields of medical anthropology and religion and culture.

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