“stand down if you don’t have ovaries”

Thus  Charles Blow quotes Florida state representative Janet Long.   Florida has passed a bill on abortion that  puts another obstacle  between a woman’s decision to terminate her pregnancy and its happening. 

And on Friday, the Florida Legislature passed a bill also requiring all women seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound. Even if the women don’t want to see the image, the doctor must still describe it to them.

And Nebraska which has passed a law against abortions after 20 weeks, since someone got the scientifically ill-supported idea that that’s when a fetus can feel pain.  Mississippi’s legislature has passed a bill forbidding public spending on abortion, even in the case of severe birth defects.  We heard already about Oklahoma.

As Blow says, “It is a striking series of laws, enacted mostly by men, that seek legal control over women’s bodies.”

What I find so puzzling is that none of these supposed  fetus protectors seems to care about all the fetuses that are spontaneously aborted.  Whoever or whatever designed pregnancy does not seem to have the same regard for fetuses as various state legislators do.  Instead millions a year are flushed away or otherwise just discarded.   Who knows how many could be saved by some research?

Apparently support for abortion rights is losing ground in two areas especially:  men over 65 and women under 30!  What could be causing that?  And I’m not asking about the old guys.

6 thoughts on ““stand down if you don’t have ovaries”

  1. Another thing that I find infuriating is the total lack of concern for the health and welfare of the child after it is born.

  2. And there is some significant evidence that it’s really white babies, at least in the US, who are not supposed to be aborted. Some may know that Planned Parenthood began as a way to limit African American births. It is also incredible that some states are now trying to enact laws to evict children born in the US to immigrants without certain kinds of papers. Which is also mind blowing to me because it apparently doesn’t apply to illegal Canadian immigrants. Sorry for the rant but I’m blown away at what is going on.

  3. This is beside the point, of course–because this isn’t about whether fetuses feel pain or not–but even if the 20 weeks thing were scientifically well-supported, it wouldn’t justify the NE law. If pain is the problem, let’s close the slaughterhouses, not the abortion clinics. If specifically human pain is the problem, why not require abortions of fetuses who will (all told, in the long run and to all parties concerned) cause more pain by being brought to term? Even if you don’t count the mother as a concerned party, why not consider the pain the potential child would have to endure eventually (as J points out)?

    Sorry. I do actually know better than to try to reason with these sorts of things, but sometimes one’s despair comes in words.

  4. Sorry, but where is the father’s rights in this discussion? I believe that the demographics aginst abortion are changing because people are finally realizing there are more people affected by the decision to abort, than just the woman. Why oppose an ultrasound? Face the reality that it is a living being & not an object, more so after 20 weeks, that would constite as murder.

  5. Dear Moody

    How can a man effectively establish himself as the ‘father’ vis-a-vis a pregnant woman in the first trimester?

    I think most people would oppose an ultrasound if it involves a probe up an orifice because the law says it gives a ‘better picture’: To whom and for what?

    I thought medicine was a self-regulating profession.

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