“Puberty cards make it easier”

Really? Do they? Menarchy Parties R’ Us says so. In fact, they suggest throwing a puberty party, complete with Pin the Ovaries on the Uterus game, “Private Days Feminine Disposable Bags” as party favours, and a “Puberty Marshmallow Game”.

It’s all tremendously well-meaning. But I think I’d have had to crawl under my bed for a week and not come out if someone had tried to throw me such a party. (Thanks, SL!)

Save Middlesex Philosophy

The petition now has over 9000 signatures, and they’re aiming for 10,000 by the end of the day. Go here to sign it.

    Other things you can do

1. Send emails to these people:
Michael Driscoll, vice-chancellor of the university – m.driscoll@mdx.ac.uk
Waqar Ahmad, deputy vice-chancellor, research and enterprise – w.ahmad@mdx.ac.uk
Margaret House, deputy vice-chancellor, academic – m.house@mdx.ac.uk
Ed Esche, dean of the School of Arts & Education – e.esche@mdx.ac.uk

2. If it’s feasible for you, get all members of your department to sign a collective letter. Send it to the above addresses, and also send a copy to the campaign: savemdxphil@gmail.com,