5 thoughts on “Sshhhhh! They’re probably about to go to sleep

  1. Monkey, I’m so glad you think so; I agree.

    There was a lovely time when the mother was curled around them. As far as I can tell the cubs are very new.

  2. As is frequently the case with looking at animals in captivity, they are 1) beautiful, interesting, you can look at them for a long time and feel good, but 2) you need to abstract away from the knowledge that they are in fact in a cage. Usually a very small cage.
    With big cats in zoos, you can often notice their feelings of uneasiness expressed through body language (well, some experience with reading animal body language is required – at least from pets and farm animals.)

    So my feelings are always mixed when I see something like this. It does not mean I do not go to zoos or do not watch webcameras like this wonderful one. (And – thank you for sharing this!) It is just that emotions are complex.

  3. Aww! They’re a lot livelier now than they were 10 days ago – I hadn’t looked in a while. Cute!

  4. Coincidentally, I learned from a nature documentary this evening that there are only 30 of these Amur leopards left in the wild, making these babies all the more precious.

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