Fascist, hedonistic, unstable – and bisexual. Obviously(!)

I am irritated by this characterisation from the BBC:

John Amery was the Harrow educated son of Churchill’s Secretary of State for India, Leo Amery. His brother Julian was later to become a prominent Conservative MP. A troubled man, who had been expelled from Public School and bankrupted as a young entrepreneur, John became a passionate fascist. He broadcast pro-Nazi propaganda during World War 2 and ran a programme recruiting British POWs to fight for Germany on the Eastern Front. Unlike his brother Julian, John was a wild boy – bisexual, hedonistic and unstable. Why? [emphasis added]

Apparently, bisexuality is of a piece with hedonism and instability – and, it is implied, equally in need of explanation.  Is there just the slightest, BBC-est hint of the attitude Jan Moir stated so explicitly in her column after Stephen Gately’s death?

2 thoughts on “Fascist, hedonistic, unstable – and bisexual. Obviously(!)

  1. Outrageous. And the kind of rhetorical move we teach our students to spot and recognize as fallacious.

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