Gendered Conference Campaign: Some Nice News

at a time when clear progress feels especially welcome to those of us in the UK still reeling from the election:

I just wanted to let you know that you are having an effect. I saw a CFP for a volume where all of the invited contributors were male. Inspired by your “Gendered Conference Campaign”, I wrote to the editors, pointed out their inadvertent omission as politely as I could, explained why it mattered, and suggested a list of women who they might invite. I got a very positive response and was assured that some of the women on my list would be invited soon. I really do think that they hadn’t noticed.

I’d rather not say who this was, or who I am, since it all (apparently) went so well — there is no need to call anyone out. Indeed, it’s better if people imagine this happening in many different areas of philosophy.

Thanks for inspiring me to do this, and thanks for spreading the good word.

9 thoughts on “Gendered Conference Campaign: Some Nice News

  1. And yet, and yet, we have such a long way to go… I ran into
    this blogpost at the splintered mind. It is a list of the 40 most cited contemporary philosophers in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
    Guess how many women?
    Well, the shocking answer: one.
    Maybe first guess who and then have a look, might be interesting.

  2. Hippocampa, I saw that. Shocking.

    I might also say that I suspect I am now persona non grata with a certain publisher. I blogged about the ethics volume very recently. Unfortunately, the chair of my department told him last year about my being on this blog. If you know my work, as he does, it doesn’t take much to figure out I’m jj.

  3. jj that sucks.
    The only good news is that apparently then, the publisher reads this blog and cares, albeit in the wrong way. Right reaction obviously is to get more female writers and to cherish the ones you have.

  4. Hippocampa, I don’t know that he visited it, but it’s pretty likely. I suspect someone emailed him about it.

  5. I’m the one who posted bit of good news. I agree that we have a long way to go, but I meant to celebrate this one little success and to encourage others to keep going.

    The Splintered Mind has now expanded the list to 200, which included many more women (still not enough, of course). I think it’s also worth noting (as the blog notes) that it’s really breadth of influence, not depth, that’s being tracked, and that the biases of the SEP itself (i.e., how many topics in each area) have an effect as well.

  6. Thanks, Monkey! There’s a bit more to it, since I’ve actually met with the head editor recently and corresponded with him. I’m hoping to move to a contract pretty soon with another press, and when I do, I think I’ll discuss the problems I’ve had. Some of the reactions of editors have been utterly predictable, but also pretty shocking. A bit like a rude audience of graduate students, except much, much more powerful.

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