4 thoughts on “Best Mother’s Day Present EVER

  1. I suppose it’s kind of funny but also pretty creepy and patronising. Like, ‘Hey lady, stop having kids already! Oh, and birth control is your sole responsibility, even if it’s the variety that goes on the male penis. Ha ha, joke’s on you!’ It’s like bringing attention to just one more thing that women are blamed for/held responsible for. I know, I know, I’m being humourless, but I found it more ‘hmm’ than ‘ha’.

  2. Oof. Yes, I can definitely see that interpretation. I was reading it from my own perspective, as a mother of one who does not want more kids (and who is annoyed by all the people in the world who assume that I must want more kids). But you’re right– it’s v. sinister from another perspective.

  3. It must be a joke on someone’s part. I saw the joke as saying “Once you have me, there isn’t any need for any more.”

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